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Update: Effective January 1st, 2012, our business name was changed to CeramSource, Inc.

Please click here for our new website:

InterSource USA, Inc. is a unique supplier of refractory products with our office and warehouse located in central New Jersey of USA.

We supply and help you to source a great variety of refractories, fiber insulation, and graphite products to serve industries such as foundry, chemical, iron and steel, aluminum, copper, heat treatment, ceramic, power plant, etc. to name a few. Anyone who deals with thermal processing can be our customers. We offer refractory products that can withstand high temperatures and/or chemical environments. We also offer insulating and graphite products with various forms to control heat and conserve energy.

With direct manufacturing behind us, we are able to provide customers with effective solutions from general concerns to specific requirements in a cost effective manner. It is always our goal to help customers to do better while spending less. Choices are many, but InterSource is unique in offering quality products and the best services while costing customers less.



InterSource USA Inc.
InterSource USA, Inc.,   25 Kimberly Road, Suite A, East Brunswick, NJ 08816, USA
  Email:   Tel: 732-257-5002  Toll Free: 800-608-5828   Fax: 732-257-5003
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